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Episode 1 : Parking Rage!; Best Friend Bailout Episode 2 : Fight Over a Funeral; Attorney Extortion? Episode 3 : Child's Dog-Bite Marks Disputed; Show Me the Money! Episode 4 : Drunken Stupor Nightmare!; Dirt Bike Bonfire Episode 5 : Salvaged SUV Scam?; Dog Walking Attack! Episode 6 : Vandalism Caught on Tape!; Two Moms Sue One Child Episode 7 : Eyewitness Perjury?!; Twice-Kidnapped Puppy Episode 8 : Hidden Camera Catches a Thief?; Unwed Parents Parking Ticket Plight Episode 9 : Dad Calls Police on Daughter; Voicemail Vengeance Episode 10 : Incriminating Facebook Photos; Scissors vs. Shoes! Episode 11 : Stabbed in the Face! Episode 12 : Soldier Accused of Credit-Card Theft; Super Lovebug Lawsuit Episode 13 : Child and Car Custody Battle; Older Cabbie's Young Roomie Episode 14 : Mama Drama!; The Mentor and the Squatter? Episode 15 : Transient Parenting?; Good Deed Gone Wrong Episode 16 : Blind Curve Catastrophe!; Trashed Transport? Episode 17 : When German Shepherds Attack!; TV Remote Control Assault? Episode 18 : Daughter-in-Law Dilemma; Worst Job Interview Ever! Episode 19 : The Anguish of Ex-Lovers; World Cup Woes Episode 20 : Friendship, Finances and Flirting; Designer Jeans Disaster! Episode 21 : Crowbar-Wielding Mother!; Failed Friendship Episode 22 : Police Officer Assaulted by Landlady?!; College Football Scholarship Hiccup Episode 23 : Father and Daughter Gang Up on Ex!; Boy Traumatized After Dog Attack Episode 24 : Bare Bones Apartment Dispute; Vintage Clock Breakdown Episode 25 : Grand Theft Drama; Premature Lock-Out? Episode 26 : Three's a Crowd; Moving Out Madness Episode 27 : Uninsured Motorcycle Crash!; Crash After Bible Study! Episode 28 : Neighborly Plant Destruction?; Facebook Furniture?; Follow the Money! Episode 29 : Pesticide Assault?; German Shepherd Scare! Episode 30 : Furniture Feud!; Deportation and Disability Episode 31 : Doused With Gasoline!; Pit Bull vs. Bijon Episode 32 : Lose the Puppy!; Boxer on Steroids? Episode 33 : The New Wife; Debit Card Downer Episode 34 : Legal Battle; Car Crash Into a Cemetery! Episode 35 : Rescue Pit Bull Euthanized; Bikini Swap Episode 36 : Drug Addict Destruction?; Restraining Order Damages; Freeway Crash Episode 37 : Pawned Family Jewelry; Hurricane Season Dog Fight; Motorcycle Mayhem Episode 38 : Fish Tank Destruction! Episode 39 : Teenage Phone Vandal?; 8-Year-Old Takes the Stand! Episode 40 : House War; Thief and a Hustler? Episode 41 : Childcare Trade Gone Wrong?; Ripped-Off While in Jail?; Son-in-Law Payback? Episode 42 : Brother/Sister Lease War!; BFs Not Forever; Deceased Father's Harley Episode 43 : Eco Friendly Backfire!; Betrayal of Trust! Episode 44 : Divorce Slap in the Face!; Wrong Side of the Law? Episode 45 : Good Deed Punished!; Pricey Patch-Up Job! Episode 46 : Bicyclist Lands on Head!; Chicken Coop Massacre!; Kicked Out Before Moving In? Episode 47 : Gas Leak Scare!; Vandalism Caught on Tape! Episode 48 : Speeding Motorcyclist Crash!; Incriminating Photos Episode 49 : Assault or Self-Inflicted Injuries? Episode 50 : Never Read Your Boyfriend's Texts!; Bitter Roommate Battle! Episode 51 : Wheelchair Runs Over Caregiver?; Broke Down Dating! Episode 52 : Nurse Accused of Abuse; Foster Child at Fault? Episode 53 : Kicked in the Buttocks!; Archer Denies Shoot-Up! Episode 54 : Pit Bull Stabbed 16 Times?!; Hit and Run ... Fast! Episode 55 : Bang Up Neighbors; Spa Party Hustle? Episode 56 : Sick Before the Wedding!; Three's a Crowd! Episode 57 : Sign Language Drama; Mustang Theft? Episode 58 : Mother Daughter Drama; Truck Driver Babysitter Blues Episode 59 : Father Butts Into Daughter's Divorce!; Jaguar eBay Purchase Gone Wrong! Episode 60 : Unleashed Dog Mayhem! Episode 61 : Rescue Dog Attack!; Lovers Playing House Episode 62 : Reckless Teen Driver Whodunit!; 6-Year-Old Takes the Stand! Episode 63 : Love Triangle Assault!; Can't Buy Me Love! Episode 64 : Caught Cheating?; Landlord 101! Episode 65 : Potbellied Pig Custody Battle; Cat Sitting Catastrophe Episode 66 : Ex-Fiancee Fight!; Pit Bull Attack to Face!; Fake Concert Tickets?! Episode 67 : Mud Slinging Break-Up!; He Said/She Said Assault Charges Episode 68 : Bleach and Burglary!; Freeloading Friend Cries Assault! Episode 69 : Used Car Chaos!; Mom Goes After Daughter Episode 70 : Get Me Out of Kansas!; Pay My Teen Daughter's Pregnancy Bills!; One Way? No Way! Episode 71 : Punch Drunk Whiskey Party; Outrageous Squatters! Episode 72 : Man Accidentally Confesses to Cheating!; Prada Roommate Drama Episode 73 : Dirty Dirt Bike?; Band Betrayal; Punch Drunk New Year! Episode 74 : Full House Fire!; Motorcycle Crash He Said, She Said! Episode 75 : Bites, Barks and Bruises!; Breast Pump Custody Battle! Episode 76 : No Pets Allowed!; Principles Don't Pay! Episode 77 : Take a Plea, Tell a Lie!; Online Jewelry Slam! Episode 78 : Work Ethic Called Into Question!; Judge Judy's Birthday! Episode 79 : Staged for Disaster!; Funeral Road Trip Ruined Episode 80 : Call the Fashion Police!; Thrown Out Back, Thrown Out Possessions? Episode 81 : Shih Tzu Shuttling!; Pit Bull Collateral Damage! Episode 82 : Deceased Fiance, Family Fight! Episode 83 : Sisters' Pepper Spray Fight! Episode 84 : Kitten Custody Dispute!; Queen Esther Window Buster?! Episode 85 : Tree Hugger Skirmish!; Pit Bull Bully? Episode 86 : Public Humiliation at the Racetrack?; Truck Trap! Episode 87 : Repo Man Runaround?; Burglary and a False Arrest? Episode 88 : Abandoned or Stolen Property?; Delinquent Roommate? Episode 89 : Low Income or No Income?; Tenant in the Hot Seat! Episode 90 : Judge Judy's Lessons in Dentistry!; Rottweiler Puppies Hit by Car! Episode 91 : Who's Scamming Who?; Illegal Dog Stud?; Designated Driver Damage! Episode 92 : PT Cruising for a Bruising!; When Friends Repossess Your Car! Episode 93 : Big Dogs and Hot Tubs!; Only Child vs. Only Dad Episode 94 : World's Worst Romantic Gifts!; Car Crashing Cousin?; Sideways Dog Scratcher? Episode 95 : Pilot Caught Cheating Online?!; Mobile Home Moxy! Episode 96 : Cougar Landlord?; Your Junk? My Treasure! Episode 97 : Deceased Dad's Truck Trouble; Firefighter Fun Cruise Episode 98 : Optical Store Flood!; Mobile Car Washing Dream Episode 99 : Flight Attendant's Basement Blues; Overly Excited Teen Jumper! Episode 100 : Down and Out Karaoke Singer; Mother Goes After Son's Ex!; Motorcycle Racer Refund! Episode 101 : Family Drama Lockout!; Divorcee Tax Fraud? Episode 102 : Neighbors Restrained From Each Other!; High-Priced Georgia Water?! Episode 103 : Don't Lie to the Judge!; Hysterically Bad Driver?; Escorted Out by Police! Episode 104 : Disabled Daughter Caring for Mother?; Sick Cat, Harassment and Threats Episode 105 : Vindictive Roommate Games; Thriving Hair Salon Runaround!; Attacked by a Yorkie! Episode 106 : Complex Mom Management; Son Pays Father's Child Support?!; Divorcee Grand Theft? Episode 107 : Mold and Marijuana: Which Came First?!; Mercedes Mayhem Episode 108 : Wedding Limo Scorcher! Episode 109 : Good Samaritan Twice Bitten!; Stop Playing With Your Hair! Episode 110 : RV Trip From Hell!; Get Out ... but Keep Paying My Rent! Episode 111 : Killer Pack of Pit Bulls?; Basset Hound Rescue Caught on Tape! Episode 112 : Cry for Car Help!; Stolen Church Check?; Sick Dog Payback; When Ex-Fiancees Fight! Episode 113 : Drunk Batting Practice?!; Overheated Housewarming! Episode 114 : Beaten With a Child's Toy?; It's Raining Cockroaches! Episode 115 : Lhasa Apso vs. Pit Bulls!; Old Mercedes, New Boyfriend, Bad Blood! Episode 116 : Don't Play With Fire!; Gross Animal Abuse? Episode 117 : 9 Grams of Marijuana; Where Did the Love Go? Episode 118 : Girls Basketball Team Turmoil; $25,000 Bingo Winner Bash! Episode 119 : Bouncy House Hijinks; Evict Me? Evict Me Not!; Facebook Misstep! Episode 120 : Save Me Mom!; Pit Bull Terror! Episode 121 : Jeep Bashing Payback?!; Small Town Lawnmower Amnesia? Episode 122 : Bullying Comes to Blows! Episode 123 : Dachshund Drama!; $5,000 Temper Tantrum?! Episode 124 : Sober Living Assault?; Salon Burglary Blowout Episode 125 : Knife to the Throat?! Episode 126 : Revenge Couple; Aquarium Canopy 101 Episode 127 : Pit Bull Pinata?!; Mom Ruined My Credit!; Diamond Bracelet Breakdown! Episode 128 : Robbed by an Ex-Lover?; Day Laborer Shadiness?; Too Drunk to Remember! Episode 129 : Punched Over a Parking Spot!; Relationship Hell! Episode 130 : Face Scratcher/Elbow Basher!; Child Guardianship Bitterness? Episode 131 : Harrowing Dog Chase Caught on Tape!; Rear-Ended Insurance Slam! Episode 132 : Botched Eyelash Extensions?; Good Christian Deed Gone Wrong! Episode 133 : Death Divides a Family; Odometer Scam? Episode 134 : Children Witness Parents' Bloody Brawl!; Three's a Spring Break Crowd! Episode 135 : Physical Abuse of the Handicapped?; Sick Puppy 101 Episode 136 : Revenge Couple; Aquarium Canopy 101 Episode 137 : Pit Bull Pinata?!; Mom Ruined My Credit!; Diamond Bracelet Breakdown! Episode 138 : Teenager Fights Back!; 40-Year Friendship Fail Episode 139 : Crying Over $1,000 of Spilt Milk!; Blue Book Gotcha!; 25th Wedding Anniversary Hack! Episode 140 : Animal Cruelty or Nightmare Tenant?; Favors Forgotten Episode 141 : Fatal Attraction Payout?; Pretty in Pit Bull Pink Episode 142 : The Smoking Good Samaritan!; Hail Damage Fallout Episode 143 : Horse Heartbreak; Entrepreneur or Sugar Daddy? Episode 144 : Stealing From an Ailing Grandmother?; Cyclist Slam Shocker Caught on Tape! Episode 145 : Poker Party Robbery?!; Rotten Roommate? Episode 146 : Genius Jealousy Detective! Episode 147 : Jealousy-Fueled Car Wash Vandalism!; Ex-Fiancee Gone Wild Episode 148 : Shih Tzu Saved From Euthanization!; Stiff Back, Stiffed Doctor Episode 149 : Good Son or Greedy Son?; Uninsured U-Turn Upset! Episode 150 : Oldest Scam on the Internet!; Pure-Bred Rottweiler Anguish! Episode 151 : Dessert-in-a-Cup Hustle?; Major Dry Cleaner Snafu! Episode 152 : Prison, Pride and Vulgar Texts!; 30-Year Friendship Busted Episode 153 : Gay Stepfather's Inheritance; Salon Chair Slander! Episode 154 : Felony Evasion Bailout!; Engagement Ring Payback Episode 155 : Felony Theft Plea Deal; Engagement Ring of Deceit; With Friends Like These ... Episode 156 : Judge Judy Minnesota Beatdown!; Chest of Harassment; Restrain Me Not! Episode 157 : House Guests Turned Nightmare Tenants!; Lame Excuse Gets Lamer Episode 158 : Pomeranian Mauling!; Jack Russell Rivalry! Episode 159 : Ladies' Kickball League Drama!; Squatters Judgment Day? Episode 160 : Torn Between Two Fathers; Waste Not, Want Not! Episode 161 : Mother Sues Son!; Classic Truck Arson Target?; Cavalier King Charles Eye Attack! Episode 162 : The Brady Bunch Gone Bad; Divorcees' Tuition Fight; Felony Misdemeanor Bailout Episode 163 : Message to the World!; Goats Scream Bloody Murder!; A Family Affair Episode 164 : Family Battle Over Father's Death Episode 165 : Mom No More!; Tiny Recording Studio Burglary? Episode 166 : Grandmother Custody Clean-Up!; Boat Thief Meets White-Out Fairy? Episode 167 : Vasectomy Victim?; Sentimental Jewelry Heist?! Episode 168 : DUI Police Scuffle!; Pit Bulls Attack Beagle!; Best Friend or Worst Thief? Episode 169 : Horse Trade Gone Bad!; Car Dealer Gets Bad Hand? Episode 170 : A Lesson in Lending; Head-Splitting Breakup! Episode 171 : Drunk Sister Totals Car?; Pit Bull Picks Unfair Fight Episode 172 : $10,000 Back Child Support Blues!; Brick to the Head?! Episode 173 : Child Left in a Runaway Car?; Beer and Bones Over the Balcony! Episode 174 : Yoga Promo Gone Bad!; Broken Tooth Tiff; Happy Dog Reunion! Episode 175 : The Tattoo Artist's Apprentice; Casanova Dodges Payback? Episode 176 : When Ex-Girlfriends Fight!; Burning Down the Condo! Episode 177 : Shocking Family Beatdown! Life Insurance Loser? Episode 178 : Phantom Boyfriend in Malaysia?; Car Fiasco! Episode 179 : Teen Accused of Scamming the Sick!; Martial Arts Fight Fraud? Episode 180 : The Engagement Ring Collector?; Hoarder or Heavy Drinker? Episode 181 : Blood, Booze and Birthdays; Emergency Brake Bash! Episode 182 : Dog Poisoning?!; Mom Not a Fan of My Wife! Episode 183 : Truck Surrender?!; Bad Luck Police Bump! Episode 184 : Home Invasion or Rent Evasion? Episode 185 : Catfight Over a Jailbird!; Uber Boyfriend Dispute Episode 186 : Boys on the Hood!; Childcare Miscalculation Episode 187 : Obsessed Stalker?; Six-Car Sideswipe! Episode 188 : Hockey Violence Victim; Float My Houseboat! Episode 189 : Attitude Ingratitude!; Muslim Good Samaritan? Episode 190 : Money for Nothing!; Mystery Shopper Injustice?; Payday Intercepted! Episode 191 : Bash or Crash? Episode 192 : Grieving Siblings Demand Justice!; Repossession Romance Fail Episode 193 : Single Mom ... Married Boyfriend!; Cheating on Facebook? Episode 194 : Twin Girls Repoed Ride!; Mangled Motorcycle Mix-Up!; Ex-Fiance Crash! Episode 195 : Beloved Car Trashed by Ex!; Tire Kicking or Car Whipping? Episode 196 : Ungrateful Aunt's Trailer Trash?; Lesbian Love Gone Wrong Episode 197 : Drunk Driving Disaster!; Framed for Hit and Run?; The Movie Made Me Do It! Episode 198 : Off-Road Collision!; Playing House No More! Episode 199 : Slumlord or Mooching Mama?; Good Riddance to Bad Memories, Y'all! Episode 200 : Christian Mingling Scam?; Jewelry Heist? Episode 201 : Breathalyzer Scam?; Car Keying Caught on Tape! Episode 202 : Give Me Back My Daughter!; $100,000 Settlement Woes! Episode 203 : Cyclist Slam Whodunit!; Deactivated Tundra Tirade Episode 204 : Stalking and Destruction?; Baltimore Brother Drug Bust! Episode 205 : Fender Bender Con Artist?; Dueling Divorcee Hard Drives Episode 206 : Arrested for Stealing Your Own Van?!; Assault Joke? Episode 207 : 10,000 Reasons Not to Open a Restaurant; Rafting Trip Turned Drug Bust!; Extortion, Theft and Threats? Episode 208 : Scary Bolt-Cutter Harassment?! Episode 209 : Lying to Police?; The Silent Killer!; Women, Weed and Weather! Episode 210 : Fight After Father's Death; Ex-Lover Road Rage? Episode 211 : Shelter From Slapping?; Hysterical Storage Mess! Episode 212 : Friendship in Flames!; Relationship Money Drain Episode 213 : Abandoned or Beloved Property?; Title Thief? Episode 214 : Stalking Ex-Lover?; Car Meets Brick Wall! Episode 215 : Assault Charge Bailout!; Take My Dog Off the Kill List!; Traveling Basketball Team Blues Episode 216 : Toddler Brunch Battle!; Teenager Crash! Episode 217 : Foster Parents' Dreams Bashed?!; Fight Night! Episode 218 : Unbearable Living Conditions?!; Merging Motorist Mayhem! Episode 219 : Breast Implant Payback!; Flooding With a Purpose? Episode 220 : Brothers' Eviction Blues; Landlord Harassment? Episode 221 : Bosnia & Bedbugs?!; BMW Bang-Up!; Criminal Mischief Payback! Episode 222 : Title Jumping Jam?!; Help Me Find My Children!; Drunk or Asleep During Crash?! Episode 223 : Mother and Son No More; Unwed Parents' Knife Fight?!; Jealous Rage Rock-Throwing! Episode 224 : Never Do Business With Family!; $100,000 Profit and a Paint Job Episode 225 : Handyman on Holiday?; Three's a Crowd!; You Got the Wrong Guy! Episode 226 : Break Dad's Rules? Lose Your Car!; Mercedes Swap Gone Bad!; Who Scammed Who? Episode 227 : The Magic of Loans!; Boyfriend's Birthday Bounty; Roommate Car Keying? Episode 228 : Battle Over the American Flag!; Stolen Vehicle for Sale?! Episode 229 : Honeymoon That Never Happened!; Senior Sibling Stealing? Episode 230 : Fight Over Flooding!; Police Roommate Skirmish Episode 231 : Child Support Roofing Ruckus!; Bad News Gym Partners Episode 250 : Child Attacked by Dog; Marital Property Payback; Loan vs. Investment 101 Episode 251 : Vicious Dog or Super Scammer?; Prison Payback

Judge Judy Season 19

Judge Judy is an American arbitration-based reality court show presided over by retired Manhattan Family Court Judge Judith Sheindlin. The show features Sheindlin adjudicating real-life small claims disputes within a simulated courtroom set. All parties involved must sign contracts, agreeing to arbitration under Sheindlin. The series is in first-run syndication and distributed by CBS Television Distribution. Judge Judy, which premiered on September 16, 1996, reportedly revitalized the court show genre. Only two other arbitration-based reality court shows preceded it, The People's Court and Jones and Jury. Sheindlin has been credited with introducing the "tough" adjudicating approach into the judicial genre, which has led to several imitators. The two court shows that outnumber Judge Judy's seasons, The People's Court and Divorce Court, have both lasted via multiple lives of production and shifting arbiters, making Sheindlin's span as a television arbiter the longest. By 2011, Judge Judy had been nominated 14 consecutive years for Daytime Emmy Awards without ever winning. On June 14, 2013, however, Judge Judy won its first Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program on its 15th nomination. It is the first long-running, highly-rated court show to win an Emmy.

Genre: Crime

Networks: CBS

Release: 2014-09-08

Status: Returning Series

Episode: 1006 Episodes

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Rating: 5.4

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